Gh_CPython Alpha Release !!

I managed to finish the Alpha release of Gh_CPython plugin for Grasshopper, and I have used it to create the first plugin (NumpyZerosMatrix) as shown in the image.

GH_CPython, is an CPython plugin for grasshopper. By using it, it is possible to run any sophisticated Python libraries inside grasshopper, such as:  Numpy , scipy, matplotlib, scikitlearn, PyOpenGL, pygame, tensorflow, OpenCV and so on.

I look forward to being consistently developing it and enhancing its features and I'll be grateful to any one who is able to contribute to its development or testing.  and I hope that it will be useful to all users and developers' community.

The attached image shows CPython plugin(down right) , and the first implemented plugin (top right) and the code ide (left)

Feel free to download the plugin,  create new pull requests, submit bugs, comments or wishes on GitHub via this link:




I'm so much grateful to everyone who gave me feedback  and suggestions. Thanks so much.

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