GHPythonINTERFACE: A Python IDE interface for Rhino\Grasshopper

Running Numpy, SciPy and matplotlib from Rhino and grasshopper has been very demanding problem to developers' community. In this respect, I'm trying to develop a new tool which is intended to be able to import all the required modules such as Numpy ans scipy without problems as well as integrating them within Rhino\Grasshopper. This tool is called GHPythonINTERFACE. It is opensource and will be released under simplified BSD licence.

In the following example, I have applied some modules such as: numpy, scipy, matplotlib, PyOpenGL and Pygame using this new plugin, just to evaluate it. (it is still under development and requires a lot of work). All the work is done in Python Object Oriented Programming (OOP) for my upcoming research project.

Limitations and Further works: 
So far, this plugin is not fully functioning, it still needs a lot of improvements such as efficiency and text highlighting.. Also I'm working on it during my free time. So, any suggested improvements or contributions are most welcome and so much appreciated.




Running Python Process in Parallel

I have been trying to run multi-processes using python subprocess module. I'm using Python 2.7 and Yes, it is helpful and saves a lot of time indeed, but, I need to run about 10 thousand daylight simulations simultaneously, it is impossible to do this serially, thus I have to think about parallel computing. Ok, I know that the best solution lies in GPGPU but I would like to start applying CPU parallelism at first. I have stumbled across threading and multiporcessing modules which are thread-based parallelism and processing-based parallelism respectively. I'll spend sometimes trying these two modules and I will write about them soon as possible, If I find something better I'll blog about it as well.