GhPlotLib, a Scientific Plotting Plugin for Grasshopper

[GhPlotLib], another project on the queue. 


This project aims to bring scientific plotting facilities to grasshopper. From its name, one can guess that it is based on Python\matplotlib module. 
Matplotlib is a python based plotting package developed by John D. Hunter during his final stages of preparing Ph.D. dissertation mainly to overcome problems of implementing complex code structures in MatLab. 
It is important for scientists and engineers to have such tools in their practice to express their discourse. On the other hand, a large community of designers and architects have moved towards quantitatively modeling their designs and expressing them computationally in a form of algorithms. this raised the need to having scientific computing facilities handy to architects and designers, in addition to having plotting facilities to express their mathematical modeling and computational expressions of the built environment. 

You can follow the project on GitHub via the following link: 


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