First Architectural Hackathon - 2014 - KFS Architects

Starting at 9:00 am Yesterday, at KafrElsheikh university, Architecture department, I've had the honor to lead the students of the first year in the Architecture first Hackathon day, 3 hours of a grouped hard work , great results there .. 

The aim of that day mainly was to get involved and used to working with 3d software in the design and visualization process .. on the other hand, the students knew more about Frank Lloyd Wright and his masterpiece "FallingWater House"and analysed it Architecturally. it was great day and exciting results ..
This project was the first experience for them to :
- work as a team.
- work under stress and deadline .
- collaborate to get the best result .
The next year Insha'Allah we hope to improve this course and get our hands dirty in simulation software,  BIM and so on ..

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  1. كانت تجربة جامده والله يابشمهندس :) :)

    1. شكرا يا احمد .. كانت فعلا تجربة جامدة .. وشكرا ليك على مساعدتك في الإشراف على الطلبة ..
      thanks Ahmed for helping in supervision with me ... it has been very good experience already ..

  2. That's great Masha' Allah....i wish i can be with you ...i wish help with a little 3ds max info ...the rendering of the falling water stone material ....the edges seems opened from the displacement ..you can solve this by using 3d displacement mode and check the continuity check box in the modifier roll-out ....i wish this helps ....Keep up the Good Work Mahmoud :)

    1. Dear Ahmed,
      Firstly I would like to thank you for your kind words and I'd like to thank you more for your notice, of course it will help solving this problem .. thank you and I hope you may be with us the upcoming Hackathon Enshaa' Allaho T3ala .